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Bastet and Cats

Like many pokies before it and hundreds after it, this pokie is set under the scorching sun in Egypt. Despite this theme being overdone, Mascot Gaming has added some fun twists to the story line, giving it its own unique flair. This time the pokie follows the life of the original cat lady, Goddess Bastet and of course her clowder of cats. With 40 paylines, this game offers a low volatility, which means a steady flow of medium sized to small wins. The payout ratio sits at 95%, which may be reasonable in the big scheme of things however it is lower than average when compared to other recently released pokies.


The wild symbol in this game is the blue stone-encrusted ankh with a touch of hieroglyphics. It serves as a substitute when forming winning combinations. No fancy multiplier and nor intrinsic value, the ankh leaves those roles to other parts of the game.

The scatter symbol is the infamous scarab beetle clasping a red stone. A symbol of new life and immortality, this symbol will trigger the scatter feature when 5 or more land on the reels. Again, despite its very powerful function, this symbol has no value of its own. One thing that this scatter can do is appear a number of times on the same reel, making triggering the free spins round a common occurrence.

Bastet is unsurprisingly the top paying symbol offering wins of between $20 and $2,000 for 5 of a kind, followed by her two cats and Tutankhamen’s death mask. The rest of the symbols include the themed royals from 10 – A as gold veins in engraved rock tablets.


Rockfall Mechanics

Cascading reels or as otherwise called, Rockfall Feature, is when the symbols that from winning combinations disappear and are replaced by new ones from above, allowing for another win in the same spin. It’s very similar to the way a respin would work. For each successive rockfall, the multiplier increases by 1. The rockfall feature stops when there are no more winning combinations.

Free Spins Round

Night falls on the golden sky and the x1 in the top left-hand corner bounces up to a x3, which is the minimum multiplier for each win in the free spins round. Triggered by 5 scarabs, each scarab will award a random prize or number of free spins or both! 

Each cascade bumps up the multipliers which in this case start at 3 and work their ways up to x6, x9 and x15, which is the maximum during the free spins round.

Risk and Buy

This has become of late a common feature, designed for those who are short in the patience department. As a low volatility game, the feature round is triggered often enough so Mascot has added a twist to keep this feature interesting. The free spins round doesn’t have a set price, it changes for each spin. Included in these offers are 15 free spins for $16, 10 free spins for 9,60 and 12 free spins for 12,80.

Sometimes, and totally randomly, players may be asked to forfeit their win in exchange for the free spins round.


Bastet and Cats is a straightforward, no fuss pokie that keeps players on their toes by regularly triggering the free spins round. In addition, many of the prizes are totally random such as the risk and buy feature and the amount of spins and cash prizes for the free spins round. This adds an extra element of fun and suspense. The free spins round is not the big cash puller that many other pokies boast, but there are better wins and the chance to win extra free spins, which is always fun.

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