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Big Bad Win of $97,876 blows Fred J. away!

A relaxed evening at home with the kids resulted in a massive payout of $97,876 for Fred J. when he decided to login and take a couple slots for a spin at Pokie Place. Starting at just a $2 bet he climbed to a 5 digit balance while playing Big Bad Wolf at Pokie Place!

Spending the night at home doesn’t have to be boring especially when you know how to take advantage of an opportunity. All Fred J. needed was a huge dose of luck to complete this fairy tale.

“I’d decided to stay in that Friday night,” Fred J. says as he recounts the events of the evening. “After a tiring day at the office, I decided I needed to relax a bit.” Fred J. says that by the time the kids had nodded off, he was still awake and for lack of any other plans, Pokie Place seemed like a good idea.

“Big Bad Wolf caught my eye as I scrolled through the first few games. I almost chuckled at how an adult game had a kids story,” he says. This decision turned out to be life changing.
The 35 year old winner says he just couldn’t believe his luck, “I’ve never won anything before, I kept checking my account, waiting for the balance to just disappear. It felt so surreal, like this couldn’t be happening”

Fred J. decided not to make a big deal out of it, keeping his amazing stroke of luck really low profile. He shared his great fortune with his wife when she came back that evening and she too, is over the moon!

Fred J. agreed to share a tip for the pokie players out there. He says to only play with money you can afford to lose, that way it stays fun and not stressful and any win is a huge bonus.

We were wondering wat it was that keeps Fred J. playing at Pokie Place and he told us that without a doubt it’s the friendly voice on the other end of the line. Regardless of who he speaks to, he says everyone is so friendly.
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