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Choosing the perfect pokie

Whether its to make money or pass away the night doing some fun, pokies have become a popular past time and even among casino games they are the most played with around 80% of all gameplay on pokies.

Why pokies over table games?

What exactly do pokies have that table games don’t have? Variety for one. Not just in themes but also in payout tables, rates, enjoyment and experiences. This is exactly what makes finding the perfect pokie a tough task.


We’ve taken a couple of factors to bear in mind when choosing a pokie:


First of all, how much money is available. Plan to win, but never bet more than you are prepared to lose. Sometimes that means having only a small bankroll, which will affect which pokie to play. Small bank roll pokies have low minimum bets and low volatility.

Enjoyment or winnings

Pokies that have a high payout rate have a better chance at resulting in a win. Some players will choose a pokie based on its payout potential before considering the theme or the feature rounds.

On the other hand, some of the most entertaining games, with interactive, multi-level feature rounds, have some of the lowest payout rates. For those players the payout rate doesn’t affect their decision.

Long or short play sessions

Anyone can extend their play session by simply choosing a lower bet size, however high volatility games can easily take a huge bite of even the biggest bankrolls since they usually payout big prizes. High volatility games also have higher payout potential, which makes for a great adrenaline pumping, yet short, play session.

Lower volatility games offer smaller yet more frequent payouts, keeping the playing session longer, however without the thrill associated with high-risk gaming.

Before choosing a game, take a look at our reviews of the newest games offered at Pokie Place. This way you can get more of what you are looking for out of a game.

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