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David J. cashes in on good fortune playing All American Poker

Winning the jackpot is always about timing. No one knows when it will hit, but when it does, it has nothing to do with skill. As a winner there is nothing you can do to make a jackpot pay. If you win a big jackpot, the only thing you did right was be in the right place, at the right time. And this is where timing comes into play.

One day hitting deal could spit out a series of non-winning hands, the next day at a different time the cards could align. The more you play the better your chances of winning. Timing is everything.

This is what happened to David J. the night of his big win. David J. is a player at Pokie Place and is also an avid video poker player. David J. tells us that part of the reason he plays at Pokie Place is because he can play some high-stake games as well as lower stake games all in the same spot.

“One of my favourite high-stake video poker games is All American Poker where a royal flush pays out $4,000 on max bet. When I play All American Poker, I always play max bet.”

It was on this very game that David J. hit a royal flush. The original hand was 2 Aces, king queen and a 3. A pair of aces is already a winning hand, but David J was playing a high stake game and was going for the big wins.

“I always enjoy a good game of cards on Thursday nights after work. I was on my way home last week Thursday and I was going just over the speed limit and got pulled over. Thankfully, no ticket, but I got home a little later than usual and sat down at the game a little later as well. Good thing too! I got dealt a pair of aces but figured that if I played my cards right, I could turn this into a royal flush with a little bit of extra luck. Any other day and time I might not have been so lucky, but that night my risk paid off!”

Congratulations to David J. on his incredible win!
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