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El Paso Gunfight

Set in the lawless days of El Paso, Texas back in the late 1800’s this pokie is based on the gunfight that gained Marshal Dallas Stoudenmire his rough reputation, Four Dead in Five Seconds. Not only has No Limit City chosen a unique and interesting theme, but they have also really outdone themselves on the additional features and animation in this pokie, bringing the game to life, retelling the story in vivid detail. With a top payout of over $2 million, this game is one for the books.

The fun begins with a 96,05% payout rate and is topped off with some entertaining extras. Just for fun, after each spin you are given 6 free rounds to shoot at anything in the bar. Fire off 6 rounds by clicking anywhere on the frame to shatter the glasses, bottles or the mirror. Symbols that form a winning combination burst into flame dramatically.

Another just-for-fun element are the old photographs capturing details from the story during any big win. The bigger the win the more of the story that unfolds.

For high volatility lovers this game has 2 settings, Volatility High and Volatility Extreme. Switching between the two flips the reels from 43332 to 23334. These numbers represent the number of rows on each of the 5 reels. Start by customising the volatility of the game. In the lower of the 2 volatilities the deputy badge appears on the first reel only and the marshal badge on the last reel. The higher volatility setup is a mirror image with the symbols flipped around.


The scatter is the skull and revolvers, this is the bonus symbol and only appears on the middle 3 reels. 3 of a kind will activate the bonus round awarding 8 Gunfight Spins.

Stoudenmire Wilds, named after the infamous El Paso gunfighter himself, are the most important of the 3 row high symbols. He only appears on the middle three reels and will always nudge to cover the full reel. As a wild he fulfills 2 functions. The first is to stand in for other symbols to complete winning combinations. The second is a multiplier. For each position on the reels the wild moves to cover the full reel, he adds an additional multiplier to the winnings, up to 3 times. 

The top value symbols are the 4 men that were killed in the deadly gunfight. While the innocent bystander was the first to get shot, he has the lower value with Campbell, possibly the last to die, rewards 3 times the bystander’s value for 5 of a kind.

The lower value symbols include the A – 10 symbols. 


Deputy and Marshal Raid

These single-spin features are activated by the appearance of either one of the Deputy or Marshal badges. Or both of course! The deputy badge manages the lower symbols which include the card symbols from 10 – A. The marshal badge, on the other hand, manages the high value symbols, which are all 3 rows high.

When either one of the badges appear, they convert either all low or all high symbols into the same symbol which creates dozens of possible winning combinations.

When both symbols appear at the same time, all symbols are converted into 2 symbols, the reels expand to a 43334 layout with the first and last reels each 4 rows high and the 2 badges act as wild symbols. Just imagine the winning potential!

Gunfight Spins

The gunfight spins are triggers by 3 scatters. 8 spins are awarded, players can select their volatility level (also known as Stance) before the spins begin. Once they begin the scatters act as wild symbols which randomly changed positions for each spin. 

The appearance of a Stoudenmire Wild during the Gunfight Spins on the same reel as one of the jumping wilds will immediately double the multiplier.

Each time one of the badges appear, an extra fee spin is tacked on.

Deputy or Marshal Gunfight Spins

This feature is exactly the same as the regular Gunfight Spins in many ways except for two:

  • An additional spin is awarded right off the bat
  • The badge is sticky for the duration of the feature meaning that the raid will convert symbols on every single free spin
Drunken Gundfiguth&r… Spins

Anyone that knows the story of the El Paso Gunfight knows that most of the events unfolded near or in a drinking hole. Much of the shooting was done while inebriated and many of the misunderstandings were exacerbated by the effects of too much alcohol.

This feature is a notch up from the Deputy or Marshal Gunfight Spins and can be either triggered from the base game with both the deputy and marshal badge appearing with the 3 scatters, or it can be triggered from the Deputy or Marshal Gunfight Spins with the appearance of the other badge during the feature.

The Drunken Gundfiguth&r… Spins has all the features of the Deputy or Marshal Gunfight Spins with the following additions:

  • The game opens up to 4 rows on the end reels creating a set of reels with 432 ways to win, doubling the win ways
  • The badges and the scatters become wilds, in other words, 5 wilds, randomly moving around on each spin
  • A Stoudemire Wild will double the multiplier and replace the jumping wild, becoming sticky and holding the same multiplier for the remainder of the free spins
4 Dead in 5 Seconds

This is a single spin feature triggered by the appearance of all characters, Stodenmire and the 4 characters that were killed, in the same spin. The middle three reels become totally wild and the two outer reels spin just once.


What a game! There is no doubt that the entertainment value of this pokie is off the charts. With feature after feature of extras and top payouts, this game has the ability to keep players on the edge of their seats. For those that do not know the story behind the theme, this game will be nothing more than spinning reels and random pictures, but for anyone who has taken the time to read up about it, this game is a fantastic way to relive a tale as old as the Wild West itself.

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