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General Pokies Strategy

What’s so fun about online pokies anyway? Yes, that’s right, it’s the thrill of the possibility of hitting the jackpot and winning big. Anyone who has enjoyed some time at the pokies knows full well that there’s never any guarantee. But, just the thought of that money in your hands is a strong enough motivator to keep playing to win. That’s why we recommend putting together a good pokies strategy to improve your odds of winning.

You will hear it said time and time again, there’s no fool-proof way to win (or even improve your chances) when playing pokies. Everything is controlled by a random number generator, it’s all luck they say. While this is mostly true, playing smart can give you an edge, allowing you to cash in on more of what the casino pays out.

Adjust your bet size to match your bank roll:

This is a big one and is often punted as a tip for making the most out of table games like roulette. However, this applies to your pokies strategy as well. Your bet should essentially be a percentage of your bank roll. So, if you start off with $100 and decide to play 5% of your bet, your bet should be no more and no less than $5. As you start winning, and as your bank rolls climbs to $200+, your bet should increase accordingly. In this example to $10 per bet.

Play Max Bet on Video Poker and all paylines on Pokies:

Video poker machines are like pokie style card games. They’re fun and challenging at the same time. The difference between betting one, two, or three coins is usually proportional, except when we are talking about the top payout. If you are playing a video poker game such as Aces and Faces, where the idea is to go for the top paying hands, it is important to play the max amount of coins.

Most video poker machines will allow you to change the number of coins you play as well as the bet per hand. So, if you are looking to make more conservative bets, lower your bet amount while keeping the max amount of coins in play.

Hint: In video poker, before making a commitment, take a look at the pay table.

The feature rounds – your key to unlocking bigger wins:

Pokies are a lot of fun and, when you scroll through them, the sheer variety is enough to entice you to play. Witches, vampires, leprechauns, unicorns, and hundreds more favourite themes, along with oversized jackpots? The stuff that dreams are made of! Before you start putting your coins into the machines though, take a sneak peak at the bonus round information.

Besides the jackpot, the bonus round is where a lot of your winnings can be made. Sometimes it can take hours of spinning to hit a bonus round and other times it triggers after just 3 spins. Before committing to a pokie, looking at the game info should be step one of any pokies strategy.

Is the feature round re-triggerable? Is it free spins or a pick ‘em round where you select prizes from treasure chests or sea shells? How many free spins? Are there added extras? These are questions you should know the answers to when playing new online pokies.

Feature rounds that are re-triggerable, offering 15+ free spins with added multipliers and wilds, are often the most profitable.

Take a bonus:

Last but not least, the longer you play a given pokie, the more chances you have of winning. Taking a bonus may come limitations on your betting and/or restrict your gameplay to certain game types, true. But having the extra bank roll is the best way to swing the odds in your favour.

Pokie Place offers some great bonuses to choose from, along with a free spins bonus just for signing up. If you haven’t tried them yet, there’s no risk, so why wait?

If you want the latest info on online casino bonuses and free casino promotions, this is definitely where you want to be!

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