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Improving your odd at the pokies

So, you want to win at the pokies, do you? Well, there is some bad news and good news. Let’s start with the bad news and get that out of the way, shall we?

Every game found in the casino gives the casino an edge so that despite the amount of winners that do get rich from playing casino games, the casino in the long run always manages to pocket their share. So, while there is a lot of entertainment to be had, loads of cash to be won, there is no way to beat the casino, but the good news is, you can improve your odds.

There are a number of ways that you can close the gap between what you spend and what you win back. While there are no fool proof guarantees, these can make all the difference.
Play and play often
Yes, the reason why in blackjack the house will always have an edge regardless of the payout ratio is because the house plays every single hand. Even when you are at the pokies, you are playing against the house and the house is essentially playing every single spin. The more you play, the closer you get to the true payout percentage. The very same goes for pokies, the more you play the closer you get to the actual Return to Player rate.
Choose wisely
Slots are random and all about luck, so there is nothing you can do to play smarter or to beat a particular pokie. With the advent of online gambling pokies have become less prone to malfunctions and also with less overheads casinos can afford to pay out a higher percentage of wagers. Pokies these days have payout rations of very close to 100% fluctuating between 94-97% on average. Choosing a pokie with a higher payout percentage is your first step to closing the gap and improving your odds.

The following games, all available at Pokie Place, have a high RTP (Return to Player):

  • Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades with an RTP of 96,25%
  • Big Bad Wolf with an RTP of 97,3%
  • Crystal Queen with an RTP of 96,2%
  • Choco Reels with an RTP of 96,22%
  • 3 Charms Crush with an RTP of 97,29%
  • Shaolin Spin with an RTP of 97,15
Choose a bet size to match your bankroll
Let’s throw out a mathematical example and say you decide to bet 5% of your bank roll on each spin. That would give you a better chance to play more spins and as you see above the more spins you play, the better your chances of winning.
High Volatility for bigger wins
The volatility of a game doesn’t affect the payout percentage of a particular pokie. This can be shown in Wazdan’s pokies that have a set RTP yet you can adjust the volatility to match your playing style. While low volatility games often offer a better overall experience, the advantage with high volatility games is not you can get a payout any time, even on your first few spins, but that when you do it will be big!

Games with high volatility available at Pokie Place

  • Book of Sheba
  • Sakura Fortune
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Hammer of Vulcan
Pokies are fun, they truly are! While we all love to feel the bulge in our wallets, gaming should always be about having fun. Good luck!
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