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Jackie W. shares Fortunes won on Magic Stars 3

Everyone loves a great winner story and hearing about all the ways they choose to spend their new found fortune is always entertaining, but it’s even better to hear about the ways these winners choose to treat their friends and family.

After Jackie W.’s great win on Magic Stars 3 she chatted a little to us about the people she wanted to help. She says helping others gives her great pleasure. “You always hear about others winning, this time it was my turn, it’s still hard for me to believe sometimes!”

“I love playing Magic Stars 3, it’s one of my favourite games, mainly because it’s simple and also because I have had so many good experiences with this pokie”. Jackie W. told us that she despite winning before, this was the first time she had won so much so quickly.

“I was playing as normal and watching my balance to make sure I wasn’t losing too much, when I can I like to place big bets because I know how good a win feels when you have been betting high.”
She explained that before she knew it, she was playing with a balance of almost $10,000 and with that kind of money a $500 bet feels like “small change”. Magic Stars 3 pays out a top win of $20,000 for 3 wilds and it was just a matter of time before Jackie hit this top paying winning combination.

Jackie W.’s cashout of $35,000 puts her in a position to help those in need. “There is always so much that can be done. This year my grandson will be able to study, I am so pleased to be able to be a part of that.”

Jackie W.’s daughter in law has been saving for an expensive eye operation which Jackie says she will contribute towards.

In addition to upping her contribution to the charities she usually supports Jackie W. also wants to do something for her and her husband. “It might sound a little morbid to many people, but we are in our 80’s and we have been speaking about buying cemetery lots, something that has been prohibitively expensive up until now.”

Congratulations to Jackie W.!
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