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Life changing win for Samantha J.

Sometimes a win just comes at the right time. This is exactly the case with Samantha J. from Alice Springs.

“I usually have a small gaming budget, it keeps my mind off what has been happening lately, I don’t normally expect to get lucky, but this honestly couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Samantha J. is a veterinary assistant that takes care of her ailing 89 year old mother and who is also supporting her husband through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

For many, 2020 was a tough year but for Samantha and her husband it was riddled with a serious of unfortunate events. As a contract worker, there were many days that Samantha J.’s husband was unable to work because of the chemotherapy. By mid 2020 he had all but lost his job altogether because of the shortage of work.

Samantha J. really enjoys Pokie Place’s new games and was playing Midas’ Coins when she hit the feature round and it paid out over $2500.

“Thanks to the coin stack paying out over and over again I was able to increase my bet. So the next time the feature round hit it paid out over $7,000!”

Samantha J. made a withdrawal of $8,000 and she says that they plan on buying a new set of teeth for her husband who lost his own from all the chemotherapy.

But that’s not all Samantha plans to spend her winnings on.

“We haven’t been able to go on holidays for ages and we could really do with some time out. We have booked flights to New Zealand and we are really looking forward to visiting the hot springs, we could do with some rejuvenation.”

She says they will have enough money to pay a private carer to look her mother while they are away.

Thanks you Samantha, for sharing your story, and we wish you well on your adventures!

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