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Melbourne lawyer makes a killing on Trump It Epicways Deluxe

Jeremy K. won a staggering $187,643 when he thought he’d give the political parody pokie, Trump It Epicways Deluxe, a spin or 200!

“I never usually play the buy feature, although sometimes I give it a go. The first time I paid $100 and won almost $2000. And you know what they say, quite while you’re ahead, so I went back to regular game play. I kept on being drawn back to the Buy Feature after such a good win and I must admit playing it at least 3 more times!”

What Jeremy didn’t realise is that this was the beginning of a long night of successive wins on this exceptionally entertaining pokie that boasts up to 15625 ways to win per spin.

“I enjoy taking risks and when they pay off it really gives me a rush”. Jeremy K. adds that for anyone interested in playing this pokie he suggests starting small and to work up to the bigger bet sizes.

“At some point I was betting $10 per spin with the hope of hitting the free spins at a higher bet. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it backfired.”

With 6 reels, Trump it Epicways Deluxe has the option for 6 of a kind. A full row of Trumps will pay out 25 times the bet.

When we asked Jeremy what he planned to do with his winnings he said he wanted to pay off his mortgage and study further to do a specialisation in civil law.

Congratulations Jeremy K.!
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