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Oh, Craps!

Oh Craps!

The craps table is intimidating to many an online punter. Even though Pokie Place offers hundreds of pokies, they also offer the best  online table games, including Craps.

CynthiaR, a senior from Melbourne, took to the craps table after watching a YouTube video on how to play the game. She got really lucky. CynthiaR won 87 out of just over 100 throws on the craps table at Pokie Place. By the time she decided to call it a night, she had a balance of $27,675.17.

Cynthia says:

“While I was playing I was so focused on remembering the rules and sticking to my plan that I was a little zoned out. I knew I was winning of course but it wasn’t until I took a break that I realised I had bagged over $70,000! I almost fell off my chair!”

Call it beginner’s luck if you will, but CynthiaR took her winning streak to new heights.

CynthiaR is a grandmother of 7 and, when asked what she planned to spend her fortune on, she said she had always wanted to see the ruins in Greece.

Bon Voyage Cynthia!
Tips to help you win:

Playing at Pokie Place is even more fun when you can walk away a winner. While winning is not guaranteed there are some tips that can help you to take home a bigger share of the pie.

  • When playing pokies, always bet on all lines
  • Before you start playing a pokie for the first time take a look at the rules, special symbols and bonus rounds.
  • As your bank roll gets depleted lower your bet, as you start to win more, increase your bet.
  • The longer you play, the better your chances of hitting a good win.
  • When playing table games, always play with a strategy

Keep playing to keep winning. Good luck!