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Fortune may be just around the corner and you’ll never know if you don’t take a peak! That’s exactly what Olivia did when she decided to play Big Apple Wins at Pokie Place. One minute she was undecided which game she wanted to play and within a couple of hours she had already hit it big with 2 jackpot combinations and 4 free spins feature rounds within 32 minutes, landing her a total win of $37,659. This is truly reason to celebrate!

Not many realise that it’s not necessary to pump out $200 spins to win big like Olivia did. With bets from as little as 20c it is possible to build up to balances like that. And this is exactly what happened to Olivia. The jackpot on this game pays between $400 and $400,000 depending on the bet size which when combined with heavy doses of luck can make for a very lucrative play session.

“I woke up about 30 minutes to early, it was a Thursday morning and I was scared if I went back to sleep I’d not wake up in time. So, instead of getting out of bed, I reached for my mobile and figured I’d pass the time at Pokie Place. Big Apple Wins is one of my favs, I think it’s the background music. It’s like a big band 50’s tune.”

Olivia says she made a modest deposit and started with a 0.20c spin. The first jackpot of 5 scatters hit and Olivia, in pure generosity mode, upped the bet size to $20 a spin. Within minutes she had hit the jackpot combo again.

We asked Olivia how she reacted when she realised she’d just hit managed to rack up almost $40,000 in the space of about half an hour and she says all she could do was cry. We hope those were tears of joy Olivia!

“I can’t believe what great timing this is!”

Olivia said all she wanted to do was tell her husband who had already left for the day. When we managed to get Olivia on the phone, her husband sounded even happier! Even though a small fortune was made literally overnight, these two winners aren’t looking to for an extravagant lifestyle.

Olivia continues, “It’s actually more of a relief, we can pay off some debt and do some much needed maintenance on our home. We don’t need to live it up, we want to focus on happiness and our beautiful family.”

Its incredible to think that a modest deposit can turn into a life changing event and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Destiny can come knocking at any time!
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