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Pokie Strategies

Pokies have gone from being high risk monotonous games to a highly entertaining, even lucrative past time. Payout ratios for online pokies have skyrocketed and typically fall into the 95% plus range. While it is well known that there is no way to control the outcome of a spin, there are ways to maximise your play time and improve your chances at winning.

Take a look at a couple of tips that will keep you playing longer and help to take advantage of wining streaks.
Bankroll Control
The temptation to bet big to win big is often very strong. However, this could lead to big losses quickly. Bankroll control is where a percentage of the bankroll is bet. This allows longer play sessions and also capitalises on winning streaks while taking a back burner during losing streaks.

The basis of this idea is to bet bigger after each win and reducing the bet size after each loss.
Know Your Game
It is not unusual for players to launch into spinning the pokies without reading the rules! Loads of pokies have such an interesting and captivating appearance that this is a mistake easily made! The best strategy is to read the rules of the game, understand how the bonus rounds work and check the betting range of the game.

After checking the rules, give it a couple spins before committing to a full playing session.
Play by Popularity
Since the main motivation to playing pokies is winning, it’s logical that most players will keep going back to games that have given them a good experience and paying out the best. A good strategy when choosing which pokie to play is to sort by popularity instead of alphabetically.

A pokie strategy need not be a mathematically derived system developed by a world-renowned statistician, it can simply be the difference between playing smart and playing blindly.

As always, remember to have fun and good luck at the pokies!
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