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The Sword and the Magic

The Sword and the Magic from the game makers Fugaso, is not your average pokie. What makes it unique is not only the knight and castle theme but also the way in which it operates in cycles of 10 spins. The Spin Counter on the right counts down every 10 spins. The wild counter on the left tallies up the Magic Balls. Each time a magic ball lands, the wild counter goes up a notch and is reset every cycle of 10 spins. Each time the Spin Counter hits the 10th spin the Wild Counter throws the accumulated Magic Balls as Wilds onto the reels in random positions all at once. Yes, that means that wilds only appear every 10 spins but in numbers with bigger chances of creating winning combinations.

The game is set up on a 5×4 grid which allows for more symbols and in this case, it allows for 75 paylines. The game has a medium volatility which means a consistent flow of average sized wins. The payout rate is set at a stable 96,5%, which is slightly above average. What this translates to is a game that pays out on average $96,50 for every $100 worth of wagers.

For a medium volatility game, the bet range is surprisingly small. From as little as 0.50 one can bet up to $50 per spin.


Many pokies have a couple of special symbols and the lower symbols are usually filler symbols from playing cards. This game too, has taken its lower paying symbols from playing cards but instead of K’s and J’s it uses the symbols from the 4 suites; spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.

The purple Magic Ball are the wild counter symbols. Each time they appear they animate ever so gracefully and add a notch to the sword on the left. They do not have a value nor do they not count towards any winning combinations. Their sole function is to tally up the wild symbols. 

What would a King Arthur themed pokie be without its very own magician? Symbolised by the WILD symbol, the magician only lands on the reels every 10 spins. His magical powers are limited to standing in for the other symbols and creating winning combinations. He has no value of his own.

The bonus symbol is the king, he triggers the free spins round where you are awarded up to 45 free spins. 

Other high value symbols include the princess, the knight and the crown. Medium value symbols include the white steed, the castle on the hill, the jewel encrusted goblet, a golden shield and the sword in the stone.

Free Spins Round

The number of free spins awarded in the bonus round depends on two things:

  • The the number of triggering bonus symbols
  • And a choice offered to the player, a flip between extra wilds and less spins or more spins and less wilds.

The free spins round offers up to 45 free spins and as many as 7 wilds for those prepared to compromise on their spins. During the bonus round the wilds stay on the reels and switch positions randomly for each spin.

For no apparent reason any wild can offer a 2x multiplier, doubling the win of any winning combination on that line. 

This pokie also allows an unlimited number of retriggers. Three more bonus symbols during the feature round will retrigger the free spins round giving the player the chance to opt for more spins or more wilds at each retrigger.


To really understand what’s going on with this pokie it takes a couple of spins to get the hang of it. The wins are constant with every 10th spin giving a good win. What would usually be 2 of the highest paying symbols, the wild and the scatter, in this game they have no value at all. With between 3 and 7 wilds the free spins round can pack a real punch, but the downside is that triggering it is a game of patience. The game shows all bets and wins in coins which can be confusing at first but gives a feeling of constant big wins!

All in all, the game is captivating, not so much by the theme but by the wilds and spins counters with constant wins, which are very motivating.

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