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What does the max bet of a pokie reveal?

What does the max bet of a pokie reveal?
High rollers often choose a pokie based on how much they can throw at it per spin. There are some pokies that allow bets up to $500 per spin! The reason why high rollers play such high bets is simple; because when you bet high, your win more.
What table limits and pokie limits have in common
Anyone that enjoys playing at the casino knows that the games of skill have higher payouts. Skilled players have even been known to walk away making a profit. And for this reason many casinos will restrict the limits on certain tables games. their reason? There is too much risk of having to pay out a big win.

Not all table limits are equal, the higher risk a game, the lower the limit. And while this seems to protect the player it is mainly designed to protect the casino from big wins.
Getting back to pokies…
The same goes for pokies. Pokies with a high betting limit are not worried about big wins. The risk has been weighed up in such a way so that the volatility of a game does not allow huge single wins that could hurt a casino’s wallet.

A pokie with a low betting limit on the other hand could be hiding a potentially lucrative source of entertainment whereas a higher betting limit may be more telling of a low volatility game.
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