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When is max bet the best bet?

One of the oldest pokie tips is to always play max bet. The rationality behind this argument is that if the jackpot combination lines up and max bet is not being played the jackpot will not pay out. Yes, this is true, but not always as it only applies to classic pokies and not the modern day video pokies.

Classic vs video pokies, what’s the difference?

A classic pokie is usually a 3 reel game with a simple paytable displayed within the same screen. Classic pokies have less reels (usually 3), paylines and bonus features. The main defining difference is the presence of 2 options: ‘Coin Size’ and ‘Number of Coins’. While some video pokies may have similar options, they don’t offer both.

Max Bet vs Max Coins

‘Coin Size’ and ‘Number of Coins’ are the two options that control the size of the bet. Max bet is when both the coin size, which controls the value of the coin, and number of coins are at their maximum. Number of coins is based on a 3 column paytable, that usually appears as part of the structure of a classic pokie. The columns on the table are activated depending on the number of coins are bet. 

The third (or last) column is usually activated by betting max coins, which in the case of our example would be 3 coins. The last column is also the higher paying column and the one that would award the jackpot for the top value winning combination.

While max coins is not necessarily max bet, it is what is required for the jackpot to pay out. And when it comes to classic pokies, the jackpot is the entire reason for playing.

Max bet vs max lines

The equivalent of max coins in video pokies is probably max lines. For example, in these types of games each line is a shot at lining up a winning combination. If a pokie has 30 lines and only line 1 is active, only the wins that land on that line will be paid. Every other winning combo will be forfeited. 

So, with video pokies there is no need to play max bet, but always play max lines.

Do the odds change when max bet is played?

The odds of a pokie stay the same no matter how many coins or how many lines are active. The odds of a game are related to the payout percentage which is also sometimes referred to as the RTP (Return to Player) and are built into the game itself. So regardless of the options and the configurations made on the player’s end, the odds remain unchanged.

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