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Why are highly volatile pokies so popular?

The volatility of a game is not to be confused with the payout ratio, what is sometimes also referred to as the RTP (Return to Player). The payout ratio of a pokie is hard coded into the game and even though the random number generator selects randomly from a variety of options, these options stay within a certain range allowing the pokie to pay out up to a certain percentage of all wagers placed over time.

The volatility refers to how often a spin will result in a win and more so, the comparable size of the win. highly volatile pokies may hit often, however yielding very small wins, supposedly designed to keep players interested. They will also land a lot of near misses, which unlike the term is almost a big win. For example, almost 3 bonus symbols lining up or 2 jackpot symbols in the first reels. A near miss actually increases the excitement of landing 3 symbols next time.

The more volatile a pokie is, the bigger the wins get, despite the fact that they may be very far and few between. Thanks to the random number generator there is no way to know how many spins it will take before a pokie is ready to pay out, but thanks to a higher than average amount of near misses and small payouts in the interim, this keeps players interested and levels of adrenaline and other feel good hormones high.
Are highly volatile pokies high risk?
Not necessarily since the payout ratio doesn’t change with the volatility. However, since a big payout might be very far down the line, if the player doesn’t have a balance that can withstand the number of spins required to yield a big win, it is a high risk choice.

The risk is essentially: how many wagers will need to be placed before the big payout. As a player, the risk is high since the chances of having to place a high number of wagers before receiving a substantial win is also high.
The best strategy for high volatility pokies
There are 2 approaches to volatile pokies. The first is to place the highest possible bet for only a handful of spins and walk away regardless if there was a profit or a loss, obviously with the hopes of a profit. This is the higher risk of the two strategies and has a higher chance of not producing a profit. However the prize, if won, usually promises to be a whopper.

The second approach is to push on for as long as possible by reducing the bet to the minimum. This will give staying power to wait out the possibly long haul for that big payout. A big win early on is unlikely to yield much, however this allows a longer playing session and the ability to enjoy the excitement that highly volatile pokies dish out.
The bottom line
High volatility pokies are fun, they are addictive and they are designed to trigger all the feel good processes in your body. They are designed also, to make a big win feel even more exhilarating and deserving. What is comes down to is budget and time. They can also be money drains which is why a strategy as well as a level of control is very important.

When choosing a high volatility game it’s best to select a pokie with a high payout ratio (this is the RTP discussed earlier). A high hit rate is also desirable. This allows for a longer playing session and more enjoyment of the game.

Try out some of Pokie Place’s highest volatility pokies:

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  • Mount Mazuma
  • Loony Blox
  • Aztec Eclipse
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