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Why Online Gambling is Such a Popular Form of Entertainment

The internet has taken the world by storm with many traditional activities being moved into an online space such as shopping, learning and even dating! Gambling, an already popular activity, has also made the move, expanding game options, adding banking methods and even optimising for mobile entertainment.

While on the surface gambling looks like a monotonous activity with minimal rewards, this raises the question of what exactly is it about this activity which makes it such a popular choice.
Entertainment Value
Who would have thought that gambling not only produces adrenaline but also the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine? Most activities that produce high levels of these substances require a fair amount of physical activity such as sky diving, bungee jumping, zip lining, yoga and exercise in general. So, it’s interesting to note that gambling, as a rather sedentary activity, falls in with these activities.

These rushes are precisely what makes gambling fun and even addictive, but why?

There is nothing quite like the thrill of taking a risk and getting away with it. Gambling is always a risk, every bet is the hope of a win and the risk of a loss. Both of these elements create a very thrilling experience; anticipation of an outcome and the risk of losing it all.
What other recreational activity offers the possibility of walking away with a percentage of what the activity costs? Or even walking away with more than the original price! In fact, each time a vacation is booked or airline tickets are paid for, every single cent is gone, guaranteed. Even when compared to other types of entertainment which can cost a pretty penny, it’s easy to walk into a casino and play all night on $50.
Especially when it comes to online gambling, players are constantly being offered extras such as bonuses, free spins or loyalty points. Often casinos host events such as prize draws or tournaments where wagering can qualify for a certain number of entries.

These extras add to the excitement and anticipation of a win without adding additional risk and they increase the variety of what is available.
Gambling hasn’t always been the convenience it is today. A night at the casino would need the same amount of planning as a visit to the theatre. With the internet becoming a one stop shop for almost everything, gambling has become something that can be done while shopping, finishing off an online lesson or chatting to a cyber buddy. In fact, it’s no longer necessary to carve out an hour to play casino games, it can be part of whatever is happening at any given moment. In short, a few spins on your favourite pokie has become the easy choice.
Mobile gaming has literally compounded the amount of time available to gamble, turning doctors waiting rooms, a short tram trips or even waiting in line at Coles into productive gaming sessions. Being able to reach for a device and play a few hands of blackjack has been a game changer in the online casino industry.
Online gaming has revved an average casino trip up a couple notches when it comes to variety. Hundreds of pokies have turned into thousands, blackjack is no longer just a game of 21 but rather has options that include various sidebets, not to mention multi-hand and multiplayer varieties. Roulette tables offer rules to satisfy every palette and the video poker selection is bursting at the seams.
Closing comments
Gambling on its own seems to offer the thrills that even a top vacation planner would dare to promise yet at a fraction of the price or effort. The rewards not only include the adrenaline rushes of high risk behaviour but are sometimes coupled with cash in hand. It’s no wonder that gambling and even more so, online gambling, has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment.
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